Notes the editor


You are in the notes' international webpage. We just start to work in the site and in a new version of Notes that will suport other languages. Back in some months, please.

OK. But... Notes? What is Notes?
Notes is a text editor or programer editor for html, javascript, php, asp, delphi, C/C++, etc. Today we have a brazilian portuguese version for windows plataform. You can download it from sourceforge here. Notes is writen in object pascal. We will have english versions and linux versions in the future... i think :)

If you are from Brazil/Latin America:
Se você entende português, você pode visitar nosso site no Brasil e baixar a versão do Notes atual. O Notes é um editor de textos no qual você pode editar html, javascript, asp, php, java, delphi, C/C++, etc. Nosso site está em Logo